A new feature we have added is the ability for the patient to receive and fill in different forms such as registration and clinical forms. It also will allow you to generate and issue surveys out to patients.

You will see the new tab that has been added to the patient record to send, record and manage forms. You can also send out clinical specific forms from the patients case.

These forms can be create and edited through the settings. You will see a new tab in this section called 'Forms', simply click on this tab. There is a useful page on setting up and customising forms, click here to view more information.

By clicking 'Add New' you will have the ability to either send out the form to the patient as an email or fill in a form with the patient directly onto the system.

Clicking on either will show you a list of templates that have been created under Settings > Forms. If you send the form it will automatically issue a text message to the patient's mobile number which has a link for them to fill in the form online.

The form will be set as sent on the patient's record, when they fill out the form and submit the form back the status will change to 'Submitted'. At this stage you have the ability to view and review the document.

Selecting 'Accept' on a Registration form will update the patient's details with the information they have entered on the form.

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