With Pronto, your clinic can safely and securely receive patient referrals and treatment authorisations in real-time from the industry's biggest providers. Pronto significantly reduces time spent on bookings and admin whilst increasing revenue and grants you the freedom to spend more time treating patients.

Pronto Direct

What is Pronto Direct?

Pronto Direct is how hosted users of TM2/TM3, PPS or Click practice management systems (PMS) receive referrals via Pronto.

It is called Pronto Direct because Pronto integrates directly into these PMS, meaning it couldn’t be easier to access your Pronto referrals.

To find out more about each of the Pronto Direct practice managements systems please click below or if you are already a user of one of the listed PMS click here to join Pronto today

Pronto Portal

What is Pronto Portal?

Pronto Portal is a web-based referral management system for everyone else who is not currently using one of our partner practice management systems. The portal offers the same great benefits from online booking and administration to complete patient journey management.

With Pronto Portal, you can access it anywhere with just an internet connection. A fully hosted, secure service that lets you focus on the patient and increase your business potential.

With Pronto Portal, you can receive referrals, send invoices and reports and manage the patient journey. You can be confident in the knowledge that you will receive a referral securely and that the normal admin associated with referrals is reduced.

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