Pronto Portal:

Pronto Portal is a method by which clinics can get bookings without being on one of the currently supported Practice Management Systems that Pronto integrates with. At present this would be anyone not using TM2, TM3 or PPS.

You can signup via the Pronto Website HERE

TM3 Users

You can signup via our website HERE and we will get in touch about what to do next. You are also welcome to give us a call or send an email to discuss any questions you may have prior to sign up, our team will be delighted to chat with you about how easy it is to join the Pronto network.

Email - info@pronto-network

Call - 0208 8191 498

Already signed up?

You only need to "sign up" once. An easy way to check if you have signed up already would be to see if you have access to the Pronto Bookings section of TM3. You can then make yourself available for the various referral sources via the Pronto Settings area of your TM3. You must confirm with us (the Pronto Team) if you want to receive referrals from a new source.

Below is how TM3 web will look if you are already signed up. This option (Pronto) would not appear otherwise.

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