What is a Provisional Appointment/Patient?

With TM3 you have the choice of how to handle new registrations submitted to your via the Online and Pronto booking modules.

In simple terms a 'Provisional Patient' is one that you (the clinic) must verify the details of and decide to make the record real, merge it (with an existing record) or discard (delete it). When a record is provisional it will present a 'Make Real' button as shown below;

Upon pressing this you will be presented with a number of options;

Make Real - You would usually select this option for a brand new record. One that looks genuine (lots of contact information or has come from a reputable source).

Link to Existing- If the same details are found within your system already the option to merge these records will be presented. The matching is performed on Name, DOB and Address (Physical and Email)

Remove - Should you wish to remove the details and appointment for whatever reason.

Once actioned the appointment with either appear as any other or be removed altogether.

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