The Business/Group section is where you can save all of your Insurance Group contact information.

To add a new contact within the Business section, go to Contacts > Businesses. You will then need to click Add which will give you a drop-down menu.

When you are presented with the below drop-down menu, simply click on Add Business.

You will then be presented with the New Business screen. As you can see you will be required to fill out the address and contact information for your group/business. If the field is underlined in orange, this indicates that it is a mandatory field.

The bottom section relates to the charges and default location of the business/group. This section is mandatory and must be completed before you are able to save the record. Here you will need to add in a First Appointment Charge and the Follow Up Charge for this specific location - you must have these set up with your stock first.

There is also an In Use box which will be ticked as the record will be live and in use within your TM3. If at any time you wish to make it inactive, just uncheck the box and update the record.

Once this record has been completed, you can then click Create. This will generate the record, you will now be prompted to add more details if you like.

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