Vita Health Group can only book into your available sessions within TM3. These sessions need to be set up for each practitioner and the sessions also need to be available online.

Creating sessions in TM3

This is the most straight forward setup as there is a very high chance you already have your sessions specified.

Open the Practitioner area from by selecting Settings > Setup > Practitioners.

Find the desired record and select 'View' on the right.

Simply select the 'Online' check box to enable the Practitioner. You must now also enable some Sessions / Working Hours.

Session Times

While on a Practitioner record, select 'Actions' and select 'Edit Working Times'

Select the session / working hours you would like to adjust. You will see a screen like the one below. Check the 'Available for online bookings' box.

Select the appropriate option 'Apply edit to all subsequent sessions' to make this session available online for the duration of the recurrence. Untick the box if you wish it to only apply to this session.

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