There are a number of telehealth options available within TM3 for you to choose from. You choose your telehealth option in Settings>Diary>General.

You can however, only have one of these options active. The difference in these options is explained below.

TM3 Telehealth

This is TM3's native telehealth integration for one to one video appointments. It is only available for appointments, not classes or courses

Zoom Integration

This is our integration with Zoom. This is available for appointments, and as it will allow you to deliver a session with multiple attendees, it is also ideal for classes and courses. Please note, to enable this option you first need to integrate your Zoom Account with TM3. Click here to find out how.

Note: The Zoom integration requires that you have a single Zoom Pro account or higher, with the required number of licensed users within that single account - for more information on zoom accounts please see -

Other Provider

This option allows you to use any other provider you wish for your Telehealth services, as long as they can provide you with a link to the 'room' being used, you can paste this link into the appointment or class in the diary, and TM3 will send this link out in the relevant communications to patients. If you are using a free Zoom account, you should choose this option.

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