When booking the appointment in your TM3 diary, choose one of the 'Video Appointment' consultancy stock items that you have previously set up. You will see there is a ticked box beneath indicating that it is a video appointment.

If you choose an item that is not a 'Video Appointment', you can tick this box to enable it as a video appointment.

When viewing a 'Video Appointment' before it takes place, you will see that it states that a link will appear 5 minutes before the appointment. This is to prevent the appointment starting too soon. 5 minutes before the appointment, this text will change to a link that reads 'Start Video Now.' Click on this link and a video window will appear on the screen.

If you have automatic SMS reminders enabled, the patient will receive their reminder SMS as normal but it will also have a link in the SMS to the video appointment. If they haven't received the SMS then you can send them another one with the link and code after pressing 'Start Video Now.'

If you have Email template reminders you will need to set them up with the video link.

When a patient connects via their link and code you will see them in a box on your screen. This box can easily be dragged around the screen and resized. You can navigate to other TM3 pages (e.g. Clinical Notes) and the box will remain on the screen.

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