At Blue Zinc we have been working hard to ensure that TM3 remains the leading practice management system, helping you to run your clinic more efficiently than ever. Our latest release is now available which you will receive the next time you login. This document details all featured enhancements and known issues fixed in the September TM3 update.

If you have any problems, remember our support team are on hand to answer your queries. You can call our support team, email us get in contact through our LiveChat Service.

Feature Enhancements

Clearer Pre Paid Items

We have made things easier for Patients who have Pre Paid items by making these items more identifiable at a glance.

The Pre Paid items will appear in the Charge drop down menu in bold with a post note of '[PrePaid]' when booking or editing an appointment from the Diary.

Medical Contacts Address Merge Fields

We have added some new Merge fields for the Medical Contacts that you will be able to use within Templates that you create for the system.

To add these new fields expand the Patient/Client list of merge fields, you will find the 2 new Address merge fields for Single line address, which will print out the Medical Contacts address on one line and separate each field with a comma, and a Multi line address, which will print out each Address field on a new line.

Known Issues now resolved

TM3 Area



Changing appointment from Patient to Group or Vice Versa retains previous default stock and causes auth issues


Overriding​ consent option when sending reminders to Patient has not consented to receive communications does not send the reminder SMS


Room view, issue moving appointment across Rooms and Practitioner


Added Category field to Medical Contacts


Notification that Flags were inherited from previous open case when adding new flags to a new case


Client Tracking and Appointment Analysis report pulling though NULLs


Date search for Debtors by Account and Debtor by Date reports does not work


Future Appointment Date column within Client Tracking report does not show a Date


Discharge Analysis report does not have a Practitioner column


Custom Date Range search not working in Debtors on a Date


Increased character limit on Practitioner Code within Practitioner Record

Documents & Templates

Able to unset Cancellation/DNA charge on location which caused an issue sending email

Documents & Templates

Unable to expand Patient and Practitioner tab on Invoice template

Role Manager & Security

Notes lock to user role cannot be seen by higher roles

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