You are able to set your TM3 up to have Scheduled Reminder for SMS and Email reminders. The process is easy to use and set up.

If you would like to use SMS Reminders you are able to turn this on in your settings but you will need to get this activated on your license for the SMS Reminders to go through. Every SMS Reminder sent is a cost of 10.2p per text, for every 160 characters - this includes spaces between words - you will be charged a text message. So if your SMS Reminder is 161 characters long, your client will receive one text message but you will be charged for two text messages.

Email reminders are completely free of cost and can be as long as you wish.

If you believe your reminders have not gone on time please allow 15-30 minutes extra for your reminders to send.

To activate your reminders access your Settings > Communication. You should then be displayed with a screen like below.

Your 'Communication' tab will be split into 4 sections:

  • Text Preferences

  • Scheduled Reminders

  • Automatic Confirmation

  • Templates

Text Preferences

If you aren't using SMS Reminders then you can skip this section and move onto Scheduled Reminders.

When sending out SMS Reminders, you have 3 options as to how the client will receive your SMS Reminder.

  1. Allow text messages to be sent from a Blue Zinc mobile number - this a number we automatic generate that they will receive and they can reply to the text message in which your replies will be sent to the email address that is written below.

  2. Sent text messages from a 'Text Description.' e.g. YOURCLINIC or REMINDER - Where a mobile number will appear, this description will show instead - Please Note: SMS Replies from clients are not supported by this option.

  3. Allow text messages to be sent from a number of your choice - This can be any number you like - you will need to verify the mobile number you wish to use. If a client replies to the message their reply will be sent to the mobile number that has been entered. Please be aware the SMS will come from TM3 and will therefore still incur the normal SMS charge.

It is completely up to you as a clinic on which option to decide to go for.

Scheduled Reminders

To ensure your Scheduled Reminders go when planned, ensure the blue button at the top of the section has been turned on.

To send our Email Reminders we need to ensure the first button is blue, if this is off then your email reminders won't send. Once this has been turned on your email reminders will now send on the set time.

You are also able to get a notification if your Email Reminders have sent or not. This involves receiving an email stating how many of your reminders were sent and if any happen to have failed.

SMS Reminders work the same way however they will automatically be turned off so it is up to you to turn this on.

To receive notification that your SMS Reminders have gone, ensure the 'Receive SMS Reminders Sent Notification' has been turned on. This works the same way as the notification for Email Reminders.

You are able to set your reminders to go at any time you wish. Click on the time that is already set, you will then be provided with a clock for you to set the time you want your reminders to go at. Our average send time is around 9:30am.

Your reminders are able to go as many days in advance you would like. There is no set limit on this. Our average send time would be 2 days before an appointment.

Please Note: Even if you have SMS Messages turned on in your settings, you will need to have SMS Messages activated on your license. You are able to check this on your TM3 by clicking onto your name at the top right-hand corner and then selecting Your License Details highlighted in the image below.

When you click on this you will then be taken to a screen like above. As you can see Text Messaging has a green tick beside it meaning this is part of our license.

If you wish to get this turned on then please contact support on 033 3344 2800 and one of the team will be able to activate this for you.

Automatic Confirmation

When you book a patient in for their appointment or they have cancelled their appointment, you can have your booking and cancellation confirmations to automatically send to the client rather than having to send them manually.

If you would like the feature to be active for your clinic ensure 'Auto-Confirm Bookings and Cancellations' has been turned on like in the image below.

You then have the option for the Auto-confirmation to go by SMS, Email or Both. The email will be free and the SMS will be charged at 10.2p a text message.

You also have the feature of getting the same confirmation sent to your clinic email address. This would be useful if you want another way of keeping tracking your appointments.


Within the Templates section of your communication setting, this would be the easiest way for you to edit your communication templates such as your appointment reminder, booking confirmation, etc.

To view the template just click on the 'Edit' button and you will be taken to the template. If you want to know how to create an Email template click here, or if you want to know how to create an SMS Template then click here.

Although it says Text Message and Email just above the template the correct template may not actually be placed below, please ensure the correct template is set.

Please Note: When creating your SMS Template please take into consideration that you cannot add your logo.

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