What is a payment?

A payment is usually made against an invoice you have sent to someone. They are located in Finances > Payments.

Payments are usually cash, cheque, card or perhaps a bank transfer from an insurance company. More recently in TM3, you can take payments online via Stripe.

Ideally payments are fully reconciled against an invoice but sometimes they maybe part reconciled. If they are unreconciled then you need to find the invoice they match and reconcile them against it.

How to add a payment

To add a payment to a patient record, search for the client you wish to work with and go to their record. Then select 'Actions'

A drop-down then appears, simply click 'Add Payment'

The 'Add Payment' screen will then appear where you can add all of the details of the payment and then click 'Add'

Once you have done this you will then need to reconcile the payment against an invoice.

How to edit a payment

To edit a payment, go to Finances > Payments and select the payment you wish to edit.

This will then present the 'Edit Payment' screen allowing you to make changes to the payment. After you have made the changes, click 'Update'

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