Please read this article in full prior to canceling your TM3.

If you wish to cancel your TM3 and extract your data, you first need to contact your account manager - When you choose to cancel TM3, you will lose access to the features of TM3, which includes clinical notes.

We will of course let you extract your data from TM3 (instructions below), however bear in mind that this will be in a series of CSV files, not necessarily in the same 'on screen' format of TM3. If you wish to retain this specific structure and format, you should consider keeping a single TM3 Licence.

Once you have discussed the cancellation of TM3 with them you will then be able to proceed and extract your data from TM3 and close down your TM3 account, following the steps below.

  • Log in to TM3 (Via a web browser)

  • Browse to My Account > My Subscription - found under your login details at the top of the screen

  • In the section for 'Cancel your TM3 Subscription' choose the option to 'Extract my files and data' - please note, you should only do this when you are ready to cancel as once you start the process, you will no longer have access to TM3

  • It may take some time to collate all the data for download - you will receive an email notifying you whenever the data is ready to be extracted

  • When you receive the email notifying you that the data is ready, please check the attached text file for any errors that were encountered. If there are any errors in this text file, please contact the technical support team (

  • Log back into TM3 (Via a web browser) to continue the process

  • Before you can download the data, you need to download and run a small application - please choose the appropriate option depending on your operating system (Windows or Mac) - Please note that by downloading this tool it does not download your data, you need to continue with the process as below

Important Information for Mac users

You may get a warning message that says the file cannot be opened. If this is the case, press cancel on the warning, open System Preferences>Security and Privacy and select 'Open Anyway' beside where it says 'TM3 Download Tool was blocked from use'

  • Once downloaded, run the file and when prompted enterYour TM3 URL - including https:// at the start e.g. https://theclinic.tm3app.comYour TM3 Login email address, Your TM3 Password

  • Depending how much data you have in TM3, and the speed if your internet connection, it may take some time to download the data

  • When the download is completed, you will file a folder called tmBase. This will contain

  • CSV - the raw data extracted from your TM3 tables into CSV files

  • Letters - any letters, emails, documents, that you have added into, or created through TM3

  • PDFs - this will contain your TM3 web clinical notes in PDF form. They are listed out by Patient ID, and then case - you can find these details in the cases CSV file

  • Folder 0 will contain patients 1-999

  • Folder 1 will contain patients 1000-1999 etc etc

  • Within an individual patients folder, e.g. 197, there may be multiple cases

  • Please note that any TM2, or TM3 desktop created cases will not be exported to PDF, but the data can be found in the CSV files

  • SAR - this will contain any SARs you have processed in TM3

Important Notes

  • When you have downloaded a copy of your data, you need to log back into TM3 once more, confirm you have extracted your data and wish to close your account.

  • Once you have confirmed your cancellation, your TM3 subscription will be cancelled (If you don't log in to confirm your cancellation, your TM3 subscription will continue until you have done this)

  • You may still have one further bill for any PAYG Appointment, Class, and SMS charges, so please leave your direct debit in place until after the 15th of the following month.

  • We will then permanently delete the data from our servers.

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