Exporting Invoices to Healthcode

Once you have completed your set up steps and generated invoices for Healthcode via the Invoice Wizard you can then export them to your machine and then upload it to the Healthcode website.

To access the Healthcode Wizard click on Finances > Healthcode Wizard

From here click the Export Invoices to Healthcode option which will bring you to this area below.

You choose the date range of when you want to pick up Healthcode invoices between. If this is the first time you have ran the Healthcode Wizard the first date will be the same as your Global Export Date set in TM3 Options.

The Send directly to Healthcode after export button is designed for use with the Healthcode Web Service. If this is ticked and ALL files within the Healthcode export are correct it will go to the Healthcode VEDA site directly. If there are some missing fields or errors in these fields it will go to your export area set in the TM3 Options. Click Export when you are happy with your changes. You may have to upload these to healthcode manually.

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