Importing Remittance files from Healthcode

When you export a file to Healthcode they will then contact Insurance Companies on your behalf for payments. These payments come back as a Remittance File. These files will be available from your Healthcode log in and need to be downloaded onto your machine and then imported to TM3 Desktop via the Healthcode Wizard.

The Remittance files from Healthcode must be in .xml format to work with TM3 Desktop.

To access the Healthcode Wizard click on Finances > Healthcode Wizard.

From here click the Import a Remittance from Healthcode option which will bring you to this area below. At this point you should have already downloaded a Remittance file from Healthcode.

Click on the Choose File To Import... button and select the file to import into TM3. Once the file is imported click Finish.

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