When sending a Stripe request of payment to your patients you may want to change the message your patient receives and make it more personal to your clinic. You can do this by editing the pre-existing email and SMS templates that are used for payment requests or creating new templates.

You'll need to navigate to the Settings (cog) section of your TM3 system and select the Documents tab, then navigate to the Chase section.

From here you have the choice to edit either the email or SMS template of communication or create a new template for the chase. Note that if you do create a new template you will need to save it under the same name as either the email or SMS template shown above so it will replace the original template and use it as default.

Accessing any of the templates you will see that there is a bar on the right hand side with some key bits of information:

When creating or adjusting a template you'll need to insure that some key parts of information are included namely the Amount of the payment and the chase Link.

Simply add in the message that you want to relay to your patient with their link and amount requested included, here is an example of a custom message:

Once you've saved the template and named it correctly it should automatically send the correct communication template to your patient when a Stripe chased payment is requested.

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