We have now released version 3.3.2 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • The group's settings to not affect authorizations when an appointment has been marked as 'did not attend'.

  • Resetting an appointment to booked that is missing an authorization code when one is required.

  • Showing all practitioners in the diary when switching from one location to another.

  • Deleting a package that has a pre-payment associated with a booked appointment then trying to use a newly added package's pre-payment to complete the same appointment.

  • Adding a patient to your waiting list from a class, for another class would not send the patient a notification.

  • Linking a provisional patient to a record on TM3 that has no email address - now pulls through the provisional patient's email address instead of leaving blank.

  • Using the 'Email Receipt' tick box when adding a payment to a patient's invoice.

  • Communication for chasing a stripe payment not being saved in the patient's document history.

  • Practitioner's contact number being used on the 'Lapsed Patient Report' instead of the patient's contact number.

  • Finance level users were unable to increment the usage of packages.

  • Creating timetabled view classes on Connect, then restricting the locations available for the services was not reflecting correctly on the live page.

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