We have now released version 3.3.4 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Medical contact provider numbers can now be pulled through on invoices using the merge fields within the template editor.

  • When an appointment is completed with a charge that is set to 0.00 the quick bill screen will now have invoice options available.

  • Waiting lists now send communications to patients that are associated with practitioners who are not enabled for online features.

  • Classes that are set to a time tabled view no longer appear as duplicated on Connect.

  • Classes that are scheduled for the same time / date under different practitioners no longer add attendees to the wrong class.

  • Additionally added PSFS activities and scores to follow up consultations no long cause the case view to error.

  • Cancelling an appointment or classes within chargeable period while having 'Use appointment charge for cancellations' disabled will now send a stripe notification of payment to the patient successfully when requested.

  • Patients that cancel appointments or classes within the chargeable period now are charged immediately via stripe if their details are already saved.

  • Further authorization added to Stripe payments to prevent patients from being charged for an item they didn't receive.

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