If you're in Australia, you will have probably heard of Medipass. Medipass enables you to raise payment requests with Medicare, HICAPS and directly with patients for out of pocket services. This service can now be connected with your TM3 system to make claiming these payments simple and easy.

Below, we will walk through the steps to get your TM3 account connected to Medipass. For this, you will need an active Medipass account - if you don't, you can sign up here. Medipass have a great support site for any questions you may have, check it out here.

Integrate TM3 with Medipass

To Begin, you'll first need to connect TM3 to your Medipass account. To start this head to Settings > Finance > Integrations.

You will find the Medipass integration details at the bottom of this page:

Simply click on the toggle button to enable the integration to allow your Medipass details to be entered.

Understanding the Medipass integration

  • The Medipass API key: The API key is a 32 character string that you get from Medipass. If you need any help generating or finding your API key there is a handy guide here.

  • Hide payment option for unlinked funders: This makes billing easier as when completing an appointment that is associated with Medipass you will be able to invoice and request payment via the quick bill screen.

Once you've entered your API key you will have successfully integrated, it's that easy!

Note: If you have entered any provider numbers in Medipass, you'll need to also be sure to enter them into TM3 in order for the integration to work properly. To do that, head into to settings > setup > practitioners > view your selected practitioner and add the details under the Provider Codes section. You will need to enter the numbers exactly as you have entered them into Medipass.

Having your provider numbers in both TM3 and Medipass will ensure that you can have a seamless experience when using both programs. If you're not sure how to enter your provider numbers into Medipass, you can follow their guide here.

If you have any questions on any of this, our support team can help!

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