We have now released version 3.3.7 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Completing an appointment for a patient that is associated with a group but wants to pay for the appointment privately no longer changes the invoice over to the group when requesting a payment via Stripe.

  • Click 'add' multiple times when adding a payment to an invoice now only adds one instance of that payment instead of one for every time it has been clicked.

  • Cases that have been converted from desktop to web now will keep the annotations that were on images.

  • Payments can now be allocated to part-paid invoices when reconciling.

  • Referral dates and groups provider numbers can no be pulled through on invoice templates.

  • Chase expired email now goes to the locations email address that is associated with the invoice rather than your clinic's default location address.

  • Stripe communications to patients will only get set between working hours to avoid alerts at unwanted times.

  • Invoices generated on the back of a class now show the date of the class as the invoice date rather than the date the charge was created.

  • Setting a package's subscription to weekly now no longer gives the wrong next payment date when a patient subscribes.

  • Ability to edit the practitioner on billing items that are added to an invoice, this is limited to Financial Practice Admin, Financial Power User and System Admin roles only.

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