With the integration of Medipass on TM3 you are able to process Medicare (Australia only) and health fund claims without the need of a physical terminal; this is all seamlessly completed through TM3.

Getting started with Medipass is as easy as creating an account. The Medipass team will assist you with setting up your account and ensure that you and your team can start processing Medicare claims.

Once you have a Medipass account, there are a few recommended steps in TM3 that should be be set up before you can start processing bulk and patient claims. This article will walk you through the process of:

  • Adding practitioners and their provider numbers

  • Creating Medipass payment types

  • Setting up Medicare billable items

Adding Practitioner Provider Numbers

Before you can integrate TM3 with Medipass, you will first need to have a Medipass account with Medicare claiming enabled. If you don't already have this set up you will need to submit some application forms to Medicare. If you have any issues the Medipass team can help you with getting this process completed.

Once you've enabled Medicare claiming on your Medipass account, you can now start the integration process. To begin, we'll want to make sure that every practitioner that can process Medicare claims has their provider number added to TM3.

To make these adjustments to your practitioners you will need to have one of the following user levels as they will be the only ones that have access to edit practitioner details:

Simply navigate to settings > setup > practitioner then 'view' the practitioner you are adding provider numbers for. Click on the 'provider numbers' section and you should be able to add in the practitioners provider numbers here:

Setting Up Your Group's Details

In order for your set up groups to be enabled to be billed through Medipass they will need to have their relevant funder and funder code details. If you need to add a new group to bill patients through you can do this under contacts > add > add business.

When adding the new group there will be an option to link them to their associated funder details. Select the relevant Medipass group details (Medipass should be able to provide you with these if you are unsure).

Once you have added in the correct details the business is now enabled to bill through Medipass.

Setting Up Referrers / GP Details

This should be provided by the client or GP / Specialist and are added in the 'Contacts' area of TM3 here:

The GP / Specialist's first and last Name as well as their provider number should be the minimum amount you will need to record when adding the new contact.

Once added you will need to link the GP / Specialist to the patients record, they can be connected by going into the patient's record and selecting the 'Contacts' tile. Search for the specific GP / Specialists and they should appear as available to link:

Adding Patients To Start To Claim

There are four key points that will need to be added to your patient's records in order for you to be able to bill their claims through Medipass, they are as follows:

  • First Name + Last Name (As shown on card their medical card)

  • Date of Birth

  • Mobile Number (DVA only at this stage)

  • Medicare Number + IRN OR DVA number (A patient cannot have both)

In order to add these details for a new patient you would create the patient from the contacts area then enter the details above here:

You can add the Medicare details on pre-existing patients by accessing their profile and pressing the 'Edit' button, then selecting the 'Medipass' tab at the bottom.

Once these are in place, the patient can be linked to a group permanently to simplify booking the appointment OR booked and linked to the group at appointment booking.Linking the patient to a Medical Contact (Referrer) at this stage also will ensure a faster flow at time of booking.

Setting Up Stock

In order to bill clients the appropriate amount for their appointments there will need to be items set up in your system to represent these charges. To set up a stock item simply navigate to Settings > Setup > Stock > Add. You should be presented with this:

Stock should be entered in the system as per the fee’s schedule provided by Medicare / DVA or listed as per the requirements of 3rd party who is covering the charge. You can contact Medipass or your 3rd party cover for this information.

Medicare and DVA have clear guidelines on this and items that are not matching these lists will not show the “Medipass” option in the quick bill screen. Simply add in the appropraite reference, description and price then set the time of the consultation and which locations you would like the stock item to show under.

Linking Stock To Groups

In order to bill correctly through Medipass you will need to link the stock items you would be using for Medipass appointments with the group(s) that you would be claiming through. To do this navigate to the groups record by going to 'Contacts' > 'Business' choose the group you wish to add the stock charges to and select the 'Settings' tile then 'Charges' as shown below:

On this section you will need to add the appropriate locations that you would like to associate with the group by selecting 'Add Location'. Then add the stock charges that the group has agreed upon by selecting 'Add Other Charges'. You can set these charges to be your patient's first and follow up default charges using the options available on screen (setting this will make it easier when booking patients into appointments). Once you have added the charges you should be ready to bill through Medipass for your patients.

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