We have now released version 3.3.9 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Diary appointment slots are now locked when booking a patient in, this is to prevent double bookings at the same time.

  • Events now function the same way that working times do; they will now allow for them to only be applied to working times only.

  • When creating re-occurring appointments that span over booked holiday days in the diary, TM3 will now ask if you want to apply the appointment to the holiday day or not and skip over it if selected.

  • The default option to print the receipts / invoices on the back of completing an appointment is now functioning correctly.

  • Follow up appointments now will always default to the follow up charge of the practitioner regardless of the case state.

  • Start dates can now be added to the waiting list.

  • Resetting an appointment to booked no longer resets the appointment reminder communication status.

  • Patients can now be removed from classes after the date/time they have taken place.

  • Practitioner listings on the diary are now defaulted to alphabetical order.

  • Adding a note to an appointment no longer resets the reminder communication status.

  • Clients can now click on an ics link as an email attachment on appointment confirmation communications.

  • Re-occurring appointments that conflict with each other will be allowed to either be booked or stopped, before there were no options available.

  • Classes can now be created with a £0.00 charge to allow for free classes.

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