TM3 reports successful new registrations and successful online bookings to Google Analytics using custom events coded into the system. Your web agency will have to add the Tag Manager Container ID to your TM3 settings under Settings > Connect > GTM Container ID. Once this is done, we recommend creating the following triggers:

Purchase (for successful online bookings):

User Register (for new online registrations:

After this, they'll want to create tags with these triggers as reference points for conversions. We recommend making the following tags:

UA Tracking - All Pages:

Conversion Linker - ensuring Cross Domain tracking is setup for your main website and - replace "yourbrand" with your clinics URL for TM3 Connect.

UA Event for Purchase:

UA Event for Register:

You can then use the Google Ads Conversion tag for tracking conversions if you are running ads like this:

Once you have these setup, you can setup your events as conversion goals in UA for tracking things on the google analytics dashboard.

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