We have now released version 3.3.10 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Physitrack exercises now no longer carry over to the next patient's profile when accessing another case immediately after setting an exercise on the previous case.

  • CORU number that is associated with practitioners will now display on the consultations on a case when recording or printing.

  • Locked payments can now be refunded.

  • When adding a subscription to a patient's account that starts with a date earlier than the present date it will now create an invoice successfully.

  • Images that have been captured on a webcam now save successfully on patients cases.

  • When adding a manual payment to an invoice that is currently being 'chased' via stripe it will now update the invoices status to paid.

  • When creating classes TM3 will not allow for multiple clicks when creating a large amount of occurrences of the same session, this now prevents duplicates from being created.

  • Going into a patient's case that is already being viewed by a practitioner now will show it is locked by that user instead of showing a white screen.

  • When transferring a billing item to a patient it will now display the item correctly under their account within the 'private charges' section.

  • Adding a consultation to a case will display the full template, needed to be refreshed before to show the content.

  • Logs and notes on patient's cases now show the date / time that they were last modified.

  • Chase expired email now will get sent to the relevant email address that is associated with the invoices location rather than the main location's email address.

  • Can now use stock items that are associated with a pre-payment on the patient's account without using the pre-payment item. This is to allow for the stock item to be used if the patient does not want to use their pre-payment for that particular appointment.

  • Can now credit a partial amount to an invoice that contains a package on as the charge.

  • Subscriptions that are set to start on a future date will now no longer create a second invoice or attempt to re-charge the patient.

  • Adding a subscription to a patient's record through their profile will now be set up correctly and act as it should.

  • Ledge codes can now be added for credit notes on an invoice.

  • Adding or editing a template on a patient's case then going to print it will now save the changes made to the template before printing.

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