We have now released version 3.4.1 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved:

  • Can now automatically attach a patient's letter in their document history to an email on TM3 to send.

  • Pressing back when viewing a patients record from a task will now bring you back to the task viewing page.

  • Appointment charges can now be removed and replaced when editing the appointment without any issues, was not allowing for the original charge to be deleted.

  • Formatting of invoices generated on 'My Account Section' has now be changed to show correctly.

  • When setting reminders on a task for another user this will appear correctly in their task tray when logged in.

  • Names of classes now appear as dynamic under the patients appointments so all the text can be seen clearly and in full.

  • Appointment reminders and class digests now show the subject of the email when the patient receives it.

  • The logs and notes section with the patient's record will now show the user who has actioned a change on the patient's record.

  • Viewing a patient from he task tray, will now show their logs and notes correctly, instead of being blank.

  • Viewing tabs under the patient's record such as 'Account' or 'Authorizations' now will not affect how the logs and notes show on the patient's record.

  • Provisional patients that have an apostrophe in their name will now be able to be accepted as normal.

  • Patient's who register only without booking an appointment will now have their location and practitioner set to main practice and default practitioner.

  • All users will now show up on the task tray instead of just the users associated with the current users locations.

  • To view tasks you no longer need to change locations, they should show correctly regardless of login location status.

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