We have now released version 3.4.5 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

  • When a patient is registering to your clinic through the Connect site the date of birth field now shows the day as a number instead of text.

  • Patient's date of birth now pull through correctly on their record when entering their date of birth and registering through Connect.

  • The user who has booked an appointment in your diary will now show against the booking under the patient's appointment history.

  • A search field has been added to the tasks section to allow you to quickly find key tasks for patients and users on TM3.

  • Issue fixed where the provisional patient would sometimes be removed when accepting them as real. This should no longer occur.

  • Ability to remove appointments and events that have been booked originally as a block of reoccurring slots in one easy action. This will only apply to events and appointments that have been booked in a block after this update. Anything that was added before the update will need to be removed one event/appointment at a time.

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