Once Connect has been added to your TM3 you'll have a tab under your settings to view it's settings and setup.

The first thing you'll see is the current status of your online bookings, you can adjust this as you need if you want to enable or disable your online bookings site. Simply click the link to make it either on or off line.

Once you've enabled it, you will be provided with a URL that you can add to your external site so patient's can access your connect site.

Next is the site title, this is what will be displayed at the top of your online bookings page, this is just a free text box that you can add anything to:

After this, you'll see options to set your websites logo and app icon. You can upload your own image by clicking 'Select image' and dragging an image locally from your computer onto the area provided to upload the image.

Next are a few different preferences you can set to adjust how your patients interact with the online site, you can do the follow:

  • Set the amount days you want web bookings to be from

  • Set the amount of days you want web bookings up to

  • Set the amount of bookings a client can have at any one time.

  • Allow them to register themselves

  • Add them as a provisional (This will mean that the patient will need to be accepted manually before their appointment is booked).

  • All them to pay in the clinic as well as online

  • Receive notifications when patients do make a booking.

The next section allows you to add google tag manager details to keep track of activity to your Connect site:

After is some contact information, this will determine the contact details patient's will get when the likes of confirmation emails are sent for their bookings:

Finally you can add your cancellation, terms and conditions and privacy policies. These will display when patient's are booking on your Connect site and they will have to agree to them:

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