We have now released version 3.4.6 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

  • Issue when patient would book online, receive booking confirmation however the appointment would be set to 'Temporary' has been resolved.

  • The headers at the top of a payment's reconciliations can now be clicked to sort them accordingly. This was not possible before.

  • Issue resolved when adding payments, no longer adds duplicates of the same payment if the button is clicked more than once.

  • Healthcode invoice's no longer require the patient to have the group association at the time of generating them, if invoices are generated and the patient isn't with the group / business under their record the invoice will still generate successfully.

  • Transferring imported Healthcode remittance to a patient no longer changes the location on the billing item when the invoice is created on the patient's account.

  • Charges that are not currently associated with an invoice can no longer have their charge value changed to zero.

  • The "Appointment statement" variable field on custom templates now uses the UK date format instead of a US format.

  • Stripe communication options have now been added under settings > communications so you can now set and edit the template when sending stripe communications.

  • Writing off an invoice while it is still being chased for payment will now stop the chase and set the invoice to a paid status if it has been fully written off.

  • Issue resolved where cancellations would still show after 'Hide cancellations' has been selected, no longer needs to be manually refreshed to hide them.

  • Payments of four digits or more can now be used to reconcile invoices at the point of completing the appointment instead of having to be manually added and set after.

  • The advanced search for 'Debt Age' under finance > debtors now works correctly and will accurately show what is searched for.

  • Viewing invoices from the Healthcode validation screen will now open the invoice in a new tab instead of opening in the current tab.

  • Forms will always show as they are set up in their template when sent to patients regardless if Connect is enabled on TM3 or not.

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