The network section should already be completed as part of the registration process, however, if you need to view or update any of your current networks this is where you can find how to do that.

If you are looking to join additional Networks you will need to contact the Pronto Helpdesk first.

To access your Pronto Networks, you will need to click the Settings cog in the top right of the page;

Click on Setup and you will see Pronto Networks at the bottom

You will then be brought to the following screen:

When in this section you will be displayed with 2 sections: Active Networks and Disabled Networks.

These would have been set up when you were originally setting up your Pronto Portal but they can be edited at any time by accessing this area.

You can see from the image below on the left-hand side this displays the network and the services within it. The right-hand side is where we will focus more. As you can see there is an active clog and an edit button. The edit button will only display when the clog is blue, the blue indicates that this service is currently active within your system.

When you click on either the clog to make their service active or by clicking on the Edit button the following pop out will appear displayed in the image below:

This pop-out is split into 4 sections: Charge, Locations, Practitioner, Referrers


Within the Charge tab, is where you will set a relevant charge for the service.

You can select the stock item from the drop-down list if it was already created in your Stock section. Only items that have already been created in Settings > Setup > Stock will show here.

If the stock item you need is not showing in the drop-down, you can choose Add New and fill out the details as shown below:

Once the details have been entered and Add is clicked, the charge will be set:


The location section allows you to select/deselect which locations that the service you are currently viewing is available at:


This allows you to select/deselect which practitioners offer the service, this can be handy for Pronto Bookings as it will only let your referral source book into only the practitioners who have a blue tick.

You also have the ability to set default charges for the practitioners, for example, Dr Frank Grimes may charge an additional £5 per initial assessment so therefore from the right-hand side you have the ability to set up his own charge and assign it.


The referrers section allows you to have complete control as to which referral source you approve to book with this service, for example, say we didn't want to offer this service to Test Bus 3, we would just simply untick them and they won't be able to use this service anymore.

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