In order for Referrers to book appointments straight into your diary, you need to offer diary availability.

Please Note: If you DO NOT want appointments to automatically be booked into your diary by referrers do not complete these steps!

For TM3 Clients the first step you need to action is ensuring the Practitioner record has been made Online.

To do this if you access the Settings > Setup > Practitioners.

Find the desired record and select View on the right.

Click on the green Edit button, to which you will then be brought to a pop-out screen of the practitioner details.

Simply select the Online check box to enable the Practitioner and then update the record.

Next is to enable the practitioner's working times:

You can edit the practitioner's working hours from the diary by clicking the following icon:

Ensure that when in the diary that you are viewing it in Week Mode:

Please also ensure that only the practitioner that you are wanting to change is showing:

On the right-hand side, click Menu and then Edit Working Hours. To Show Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) select the Menu option at the top right of the Diary and select Show Weekends;

You will then be brought to the diary where you can choose your working hours. When you click and drag the hours you wish to add you will be given the pop-up box like in the image below:

The working times is split up into 3 sections:

  • Working Time

  • Options

  • Recurrence

Working Time

This area allows you to alter the time, practitioner and if a room needs to be assigned to working time.


This section allows you to set appointment types that can be booked into these working hours.

The option Available for online bookings must be ticked in order for your referral to book into your diary.


The recurrence section allows you to state whether these working hours recur. When you click on How Often you are presented with the following dropdown:

Then you can state how many weeks you would like the occurrence to take place.

Once you have finished this working time click on the Create button at the top right-hand corner.

Once you have finished adding in all your working hours you can then add working times where you see fit and when you are done adding these, you will need to click Menu at the top right and choose Finish Edit Working Times to bring you back to the diary:

Updating Availability

You may wish to edit any working times that you have created. This can be done through the method shown above - accessing edit mode on the diary and clicking on the working time you wish to edit.

Once you have clicked the working time block you wish to edit, you will see the following pop up window:

Here, you can edit the colour of this working time in the diary to make it easier for viewing. To do this, click the square with the arrow in it, at the top right of the window.

You can also change any of the details such as the time, practitioner and room for this working time by clicking edit next to the relevant option.

For reoccurring working times, if you set it up to reoccur weekly and choose to delete it, you will have three options:

  • Delete this working time - which will delete the session for this week only

  • Delete this working time AND subsequent linked working times - which will remove all of the future reoccurring sessions for this working time

  • Delete this working time AND ALL linked working times - which delete all linked (past and future).

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