When you see membership or registration number mentioned in a Healthcode error these refer to the Policy number and Provider number on the patient record respectively.

Membership number = policy number field

Registration number = provider number field

Patient demographics do not match registration number - The provider number (Registration number) supplied must not match the customer demographic details provided, please check this with the insurer and patient.

Diagnosis Code not mapped - The diagnosis selected is not valid for the patient's Insurer. Please select a diagnosis code that is accepted or ask the insurer for a diagnosis code for the diagnosis.

If you have not selected a diagnosis code and are relying on the fallback diagnosis code, that will be applied when you export to Healthcode (This will still show as an issue in the validation preview). For more information, please check here: Setting up diagnosis codes for Healthcode.

Registration No: No matching membership details can be found - Please double check that the provider number and policy number are correct and that this patient has a valid policy with the Insurer.

Problem with ProviderNo: Invalid Code - Under Settings > Finance > Healthcode > Business name > please make sure the provider codes entered are correct and correspond with what Helthcode has on file. This will be under Clinic, Location, or Practitioner.

Invalid Insurer - please go to Settings > Finance > Healthcode > Business name > and ensure that the correct Insurer code is selected. Insurer Names and Insurer Codes

Service code: Must be specified - A wrong or incorrect charge code, this can be changed under Settings > Finance > Healthcode > Business name > add a valid charge code to the stock item.

If the stock item is not listed go to Contacts > Business / Group > Select Business / Group > Settings > Charges > add other charges (at the bottom left)

Invoice has no billing items that can be transferred via Healthcode - A charge that isn't linked with the group is added to the invoice. This can also mean the invoice is blank or an amount has been moved from a private invoice (This will need to be removed from the invoice).

No Charge Code On Stock Item - Please go to Settings > Finances > Healthcode > Business Name > Stock Item Settings and then add the correct Charge Code for the Stock item.

Failure Reason: Unable to Identify insurer. Claim: 46 Insurer: - This error may appear during the upload process, not the validation process.

If you do get this error, please send us the .XML file as an attachment to support@blue-zinc.com and our support team will assist you in resolving the issue.

Invalid Username/Password - This error appears when your Healthcode Username/ Password is incorrect under the Healthcode General settings. You can check this by going to Settings > Finances > Healthcode > General Settings.

Setting: Must be I, D or O: This means that the particular group you are trying to export for doesn't want this setting to pull through as V if that's the case go to Settings>Finances>Healthcode>Go to the group then untick the 'Episode is visit option' then re-run the validation the issue shouldn't appear anymore after this.

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