The nature of Pronto is that you set it up once and then it becomes easy to be added to other referral and appointment sources. There will be a small aspect of additional setup required but it will be minimal.

If you wish to check out which referral sources you are set up with, you can click here to see how to do this

If you wish to add a new referrer, the first step is to contact the Pronto Team so that we can enable this referrer for you. You cannot join a referrer yourself, it must be done by the Pronto Team.

Once set up, your Referrers section will display the extra name in the Pronto Referrers section of the settings.

It's very likely the setup will be a little different with this new party and so we need to check, amend settings as needed.

Adjusting Charges for Appointments

If you add a new referral source and you need to alter the charge prices, this section contains how to alter the cost and duration for your appointments.

To adjust these, go to the "Settings" cog at the top right of the page;

Once in the settings, click Setup > Pronto Networks

In here, you will see a list of your active networks and their services.

You can activate and disable them using the toggles on the right-hand side. If a service is active, you will have the option to edit it.

When setting up a new referral, you will need to ensure that each service they use is edited and that they are ticked under the Referrers tab. You should also run through each tab shown below to ensure the correct options are selected.

If you need to change the charge that is set with the Referrer, like on the blue change button and select the charge from the dropdown (you will need to make sure the charge has already been created via Setting > Set up > Stock)

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