We have now released version 3.4.8 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

  • Dashboard issue where the appointments showing for the clinic's diary not showing in chronological order has been resolved.

  • Changing a business patient's location and practitioner will now show a notification message if there is any issue with the link between the patient and the business e.g if the business isn't under the location that the patient is being swapped to.

  • Can now increase the maximum amount of attendees on a pay as you go class while the class is booked in the diary.

  • Removing a package from a class item that exists on multiple packages will no longer remove the class from all packages, issue before where removing from one package would remove the class from all associated packages.

  • Ability to see patient cancellation activity will now show on classes.

  • Moving courses from their original booked date will now no longer cause them not to show online, they will display as they should.

  • Issue resolved that would sometimes occur where patient's booking into the same class online will cause the patient's details to change from one to another.

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