We have now released version 3.5.1 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

  • Stripe chases can now be stopped when issued to the patient manually.

  • Removing a payment from an invoice will now allow for another stripe chase to be sent for payment request, if needed.

  • Large payments can now be accepted and added on the quick bill screen.

  • Blank payments will no longer be created when a pre-payment is used to reconcile a different invoice when completing the appointment associated with the original pre-payment.

  • Appointments that have been booked using a pre-payment that has been delete can no be completed successfully.

  • Updating the location of an invoice that has been transferred from a group to a patient will no longer set the invoice status to paid.

  • SMS chase communications that are sent from the system no longer have their SMS message text cut off in the documents area.

  • When uploading invoices directly from TM3 to Healthcode the fall back diagnosis code will be used where there is no diagnosis code on the invoice.

  • Invoice and Request via Stripe button now will always show on the quick bill screen - instances of this missing has been resolved.

  • Patient's saved card status on their record can now be removed.

  • Locations on invoices when added packages can now be adjusted from the quick bill screen or on the invoice.

  • Issue causing some users to not be able to access the communication tab in settings is resolved.

  • Cancelling an appointment within the cancellation period was creating a task to contact that patient about this, tasks are no longer created unless done so manually.

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