We have now released version 3.5.2 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

  • Subscriptions that are cancelled before their minimum term monthly amount will no longer cancel immediately, they will run their course and charge every month until the minimum period ends.

  • When searching for a specific location and service on the Connect services search bar it will only show specific appointments related to the selected location rather than all locations.

  • Locations that have been set to inactive or read only will no longer show on the restrictions list when setting up Connect services.

  • Class courses that are of the same class type in two different locations will appear correctly on Connect with their respected location, was showing up one all locations prior.

  • Waiting list patients and Connect patients will no longer be double booked into class / course when accepting their waiting list request while also booking through Connect.

  • Debtors on a date report date filter working correctly now.

  • Altering the restrictions on a newly created service will now save all changes correctly.

  • Booking confirmations that are sent manually to patients will display correctly and recorded in the patient's document history.

  • Adjusting restrictions on a Connect service will no longer show all practitioners, only active ones.

  • Class cancellation periods are no longer overriding by the cancellation settings withing the diary settings, they will stay independent and use the cancellation that is set up against the class.

  • When using the embedded mode on Connect to do Locations as primary service then services as subcategories, the 'Subcategory' text can now be hidden.

  • Previously used modality and assessment data toggles now work as intended.

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