To begin, you will need to navigate to your TM3 diary to book the appointment for a patient you are trying to request the pre-payment from. Select a time / date and then enter your patient's details in the contact box provided. You will then see a new area on the appointment booking screen called Prepayment

This will allow you to request a payment from your patient before they arrive for their appointment, you always have the option to Pay Later if the patient is going to pay on arrival. Selecting Request Prepayment will send the patient a Stripe payment request either via text or email (depending on their communication preferences) to which they can then enter their payment card details and instantly pay for the appointment up


If the patient has used the Stripe Payment System in the past and have saved their card details it will automatically take the payment.

Once the appointment is booked your will see the chase has been sent on the appointment -

You can cancel or resend the chase if needed, your patient will receive something like this:

They will simply need to click on the link to re-direct them to your Connect Stripe payment system -

Once your patient has entered their details the appointment will be paid for and they will receive confirmation of this -

This will also update the prepayment status on the appointment -

Once the patient arrives and the appointment is completed, it will use the pre-payment for the appointment to reconcile the invoice.

Cancelling Appointments

If an appointment is paid for then cancelled:

If the cancellation is within the chargeable period TM3 will ask to use the pre-payment to pay for the cancellation amount, pressing Yes will generate and invoice as normal for the cancellation but will use the pre-payment amount.

If the pre-payment amount is not used when cancelling, as the appointment may be outside of the cancellation charge window and the patient wishes to book another appointment, You will need to book the appointment as normal, select pay later on the prepayment section, complete it and then generate the invoice. Select Invoice and go to Invoice, the option to use an existing payment to pay for the invoice (the existing payment will be the pre-payment from the cancelled appointment and reconcile the invoice.

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