We have now released version 3.5.5 to Pronto / TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved

  • Adding credit notes to unpaid invoices now no longer causes the system to error, can be added successfully.

  • Editing the amount of a charge and clicking away from the screen now no longer causes the charge to revert back to it's original value.

  • Appointments booked on Connect using a pre-payment then on the appointment the payee is changed no longer causes the appointment to not complete when attempting to change the status. Appointment will now complete successfully.

  • Some business records were not showing the current balance of their account, this has now been fixed and will display the correct over balance of the business account.

  • If a patient has booked a class and paid via Connect but after the price of the class has changed this will now generate an invoice for the original price instead of the newly changed price. Was causing the payment to change depending on the price of the newly change class stock amount, no longer does this.

  • When a patient cancels an appointment they have pre-paid for via connect it will no longer take the full amount paid if the cancellation amount is below the amount paid, correct amount for cancellation now taken instead.

  • When booking the next appointment for a patient that is using a pre-payment it will now use the same pre-payment item from the original appointment, was using the first item on the patient's pre-payments list previously.

  • When attempting to add an existing charge to a groups invoice it will no longer load all of the available billing items - this was causing it to take long to load. Now loads only 50 at a time with the ability to search for specific items.

New Features Added

  • New classes filter on Connect online bookings, allows patient's to filter by certain classes. Will also show classes of the same type in the future below the calendar if nothing is available for the specific day they have chosen to allow them to find future bookings easier. Example of what it looks like here:


  • New recall feature added to enable you to send recall communication to patients who has completed, cancelled or did not attend an appointment or class and does not have anything booked in the future. Patient will receive a communication after a set amount of hours from the status of their booked appointment changing given them a reminder to book a future appointment.

  • Diary event options gives you the ability to add to the drop down list that appear under settings > configuration > custom lists.

Pronto Release Notes

  • Wording in the Actions Required section of a referral has now been changed from ‘submit the Initial Assessment (IA) report’ to ‘submit the IA Booking Confirmation Report’.

  • When changing the status of a Pronto appointment to DNA, an invoice was being autogenerated, this has been resolved.

  • Any My Clinic pre integration referrals were not able to be invoiced, this has been resolved.

  • Issue resolved that would sometimes occur where a Pronto generated invoice would show in TM3 with an unknown service.

  • Appointments booked into the diary were not saving any updates made, this has been resolved.

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