SMS is not just an SMS a mobile text

SMS is regarded as having one of the highest read rates for any form of electronic communication. Studies have shown the introduction of SMS reminders reduce DNA's and Late Cancellations by up to 90%.

Not all SMS are made the same… When we created TM3 Connect, we increased the functionality of SMS and its ability to cut through busy phone screens. The most popular usage is for appointment confirmations and reminders but that's only part of the deep functionality available to help you improve your business and patient journey.

Our SMS allows you to:

  • Integrate with Stripe you can request quick and secure payments without the need for card machines or entering card details in person (which is no longer compliant).

  • Reduce admin time and awkward payment transactions, whilst helping to protect against increasing debt.

  • SMS chase facility sends a further 2 auto reminders over the next week until payment is made.

  • We are seeing and hearing from clients of a shortage of practitioners and reception staff. Whilst this may not be news to many out there the situation is compounded by clinics reporting an uptick in enquires and appointments in 2022 that they are struggling to fill. Those patients in pain will search for the most convenient time slot and location so make sure they are kept up to date if you are fully booked by using our waiting list feature. If a client is added to a waitlist and an appointment becomes available, TM3 will send a SMS to notify your patient of that opening and provide a link for them to accept or decline it. There is a lot of flexibility you can set around the waiting list including how long you wish for the offer of the appointment to be valid for before getting opened up to the next person in line. (Add screen shot of mobile and link). Please follow this link to see a 2 minute video on how to get going with it or just ask for help in our live chat area.

  • Most smart phones will also trigger a prompt to save a reminder to the client’s calendar, keeping the client informed of the new time.

  • For Class attendees, a class digest by SMS gives the full outlook to what the client has booked with your clinic and a quick and easy reference point for any scheduling queries.


Are your patients (Clients?) looking to book and pay online. This has added benefits for the clinic, including having a fuller schedule and reducing risk of no-shows and late cancellations.

Use TM3 Connect Stripe Integration to reduce debt levels and improve cash flows. By linking your free Stripe account you can collect payments when clients book online and:

  • Reduce the risk of no-shows by securing the full appointment amount before at booking

  • For those patients that have not pre-paid, use the Stripe chase function to automatically send a reminder and link for payment through SMS or email.

  • Avoid asking clients for their sensitive card details in person and protects and stores their payment details for future appointments.

  • Reduce admin time managing booking appointments and payment collections

  • Chase multiple outstanding invoices across all patience with just a click of the button.

  • Ability to sell packages online, offering clients to financially committing to a course of treatment and seamlessly manage their package credits through TM3

  • Subscriptions will allow you to automatically collect ongoing payments without the need to manually request payment each month, allowing you to offer long term care options to your patients.

  • All card details are securely held by Stripe and are in full compliance with legal requirements.

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