This feature allows clinics to recall customers who have recently booked an appointment or class. It provides an additional layer of user engagement to help drive future bookings using customized SMS or email recall templates.

The Automatic Client Recall can be found under Settings > Communication

Enabling the toggle switch for the appointment or class section will activate the automatic recall.

Once the user enables the toggle, the recall feature will only look for appointments after the recall feature was enabled.

Next it will ask

‘Send communication how many hours after appointment is actioned?’

Here you can set the number of hours that you would like TM3 to wait after the appointment time before sending out the recall communication. (1-100).

TM3 will then look for clients with no future appointments who have completed, cancelled, or did not attend an appointment where the appointment was X number of hours ago.

For example, if you allow a 1-hour window for the client / reception to book a follow up then you would mark this as 1.
TM3 will then wait 1 hour before checking if a follow up appointment has been booked provided the previous appointment has been marked as completed, cancelled or DNA.

You can edit the templates as usual by pressing the ‘Edit’ button beside each template or by navigating to

Settings > Documents > Appointments


Settings > Documents > Classes.

Here you will find ‘Appointment Recall SMS’, ’Appointment Recall Email’,

Class Recall Email’ and ‘Class Recall SMS’.

Once you are happy with the setup it will automatically send your chosen communication template to clients after the set number of hours of their last appointment / class if they have not booked a follow-up within the specified time.

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