We have now released version 3.6 to TM3 and have addressed the following issues in this release, as well as adding some additional functionality.

Issues Resolved


  • Ability to select a practitioner for a patient that had their default practitioner removed from the system. Can change from no practitioner to a valid one under patient record > edit > select default practitioner. No longer greyed out.

  • When adding new patient's from the diary and sending out automatic registration form, this no longer errors with issue from registration form and creates duplicate patients. Issue resolved, patient will now be added successfully and registration form sent.

  • If there is a space on a patient's saved mobile number it TM3 will now notify you that there is a space to prevent errors when attempting to send to them.

  • Can now order business account invoices / charges by their reference.

  • Pop up name of medical contacts now shows the patient's linked medical contact if there is one present.

  • Practitioner now shows when viewing medical contact's associated patients on their record.


  • Can now print previous medical history when selecting this from the 'More' option on a patient's clinical case.

  • Multiple users can no longer view the same case at the same time, if another person attempts to view a case at the same time TM3 will state that it is currently locked by another user.

  • Adding a consultation to a case and attempting to link it to a booked appointment will no longer display a loading circle when viewing the appointments linked to the case.

  • Raising flags on clinical cases now will be added and display correctly.

Business / Groups

  • Insurance group invoices that have a part payment on them and are then transferred to the patient now get changed over successfully and show correctly on the groups account.

  • Groups that require a policy code to book appointments will now alert users that this is needed when booking an appointment that is missing a code.

  • If a business / group requires a treatment authorisation as part of the patient's treatment and the setting for this is enabled, it will no longer allow any appointments to be booked without an authorisation.


  • When a chase expires the system will notify your clinic of this and will send an email to the location's email address that is associated with the payment request.

  • Using the advanced search under the finance section now allows for you to search by a specific payment method.


  • Classes that have a cancellation period set to less than 24 hours on their set up now no longer charge the patient when cancelling within that 24 hour window.

  • If a user is attempting to view the waiting list but does not have access to a location that is set under one of the practitioners on the waiting list the system will no longer prevent that user from viewing the waiting list. They will be able to see all patients awaiting an appointment.

  • When 'Display appointment Prices on Diary Event Form' is set to false the price of the stock item when viewing an appointment will no longer be displayed.

  • Classes that have been added to the diary will now use the 'I don't want to allow web bookings after' setting under Setup > Connect and will now only display up until the amount of days set.

  • All waiting list patients will now receive a booking confirmation once they accept an invitation of an available slot in your TM3 diary.


  • Your patients can now decline cookies when filling out a form on your Connect site.

  • Existing patients that register to your Connect site will now display their TM3 record correctly to link their new online record to their existing TM3 patient record.

  • Connect URL merge field on documents which you want to pull through your connect URL now show correctly.


  • New columns added to the appointment analysis report to show more information about patient appointments and status'.

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