There are a few ways you can request a payment chase for a client's unpaid invoice(s). The first option is when completing an appointment for your client. Once you have selected 'Complete' on the appointment you will be presented with the quick bill screen. From here if you select 'Invoice and request payment via Stripe'

Another option is to do it from the invoice itself, if you go to either the Finance section of TM3 and search for the patient's invoice(s). Alternatively you go onto the patient's record and click Account then View to access the invoice from there. Once on the invoice click, 'Request Payment via Stripe' as shown here:

Sending chases to multiple invoices

If you want to chase multiple invoices at the same time you can send the chase from Finances > Invoices. Simple click on the first invoice you want to chase then 'Ctrl' + click on any other invoices you wish to send a chase to. Once you've selected the ones you need, click on the 'Chase Now' button to send the chase to the selected invoices.

Please note that all chases will be sent using the preferred communication method on the patient's record.

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