TM3 Connect gives you all the benefits of TM3 with a number of additional features that will help your clinic thrive and help make things streamline and simple for your clients. Connect features include a customizable online bookings site for your clients, the ability to create and book classes, take online payments via Stripe, add your clients to a waiting list to be notified of future availability, customize digital forms and sent them out to your clients to allow them to fill in on their own information. Sell preset packages to your patients which allow for pre-paid appointments and so much more!

See below to see what benefits Connect will give you as well as the Essentials package:



Configurable templates, live image annotation, score and goal tracking

Comprehensive clinical reporting and governance features

Integrated diary and appointment management across single or multiple sites

Electronic invoicing

Communications, letters, reports and treatment authorisation management

Comprehensive multi location management of patients, users and records

Secure tele health remote consultations

MailChimp Integration

Third Party Clinical Integrations

Innovative and configurable clinical records

Secure, private digital appointment and classing bookings through an online site

Waiting list management

Registration and patient survey forms

Integrated secure digital payments

Class and Course management

Custom packages

Healthcode integration

Patient subscriptions

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